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Willie Smith | Kingston Black 2019


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Kingston Black is the Pinot Noir of the cider apple world. It's tricky to grow and tricky to work with but with love, patience and a lot of attention to detail it can produce exceptional ciders: just like this Willie Smith Kingston Black 2019.

Think fresh green apple aroma, sherbet aromatics and tight acidity. On the nose, beautiful summer strawberries and hay. On the palate, sweet apple notes, spiced apple caramel and a woody dry tannin from the oak barrel ageing. This is a seriously good cider, fresh and funky with a moreish texture. The deep golden colour is a result of resting the cider apples between milling and pressing allowing the tannins to oxidise and develop intense colour.

William Smith moved to the Huon Valley on the "Apple Isle" 4 generations ago in the quest for the perfect apple growing conditions. He was one of the original orchardists and the trees he planted are still growing today! The Smith family have maintained this passion for their craft and continue the search for the perfect apple. The farm went organic in 1997 thanks to the innovation of current orchadist, Andrew Smith, who is constantly revolutionising the cider world and testing new ageing methods. His last invention: cider ageing in whisky oak barrels... At Fizztopia, we are big fans!

Technical Details

Dry | 6.2% Alc | 750ml | Region: Tasmania | Fruit: 100% Tasmanian Apples

Awards & Reviews

Gold Medal - Australian Cider Awards 2018 | Silver Medal - Australian Cider Awards 2019 | Trophy, Best in Show, Traditional Medium Sweet Cider - Australian Cider Awards 2018