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Willie Smith | 2019 Sullivan’s Cove Whisky Aged Cider


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Show me the way to the next whisky bar. Oh don’t ask why.

When two of the Apple Isle's highest profile craft drinks producers, Sullivans Cove Whisky and Willie Smith’s Cider, join forces, you end up with an exceptional Whisky Aged Cider. 

They decided to age Yarlington Mill cider (a bittersweet apple from England) in Sullivans Cove whisky barrels for 6 months. Only 6 casks worth of this cider exist. 4 casks  had a previous life ageing a single batch bourbon. The next 2 lived out a long life ageing Australian Tawny port. Then all 6 of the barrels had a batch of Sulivan Cove Whisky relaxing in them for 11 to 12 years. Heather Tillott, Head distiller at Sullivan Cove said that the Bourbon cases provide a vanilla sweetness and a bit of a summery fruit vibe while the Tawny port provides big hits of raisin and dark syrups.

The result? Probably the closest you can get to drinking a tarte tatin, with senses of caramel, baked apples, vanilla, custard butterscotch and buttery pastry. The distinctive whisky notes make it a grown-up tarte tatin. 

William Smith moved to the Huon Valley on the "Apple Isle" 4 generations ago in the quest for the perfect apple growing conditions. He was one of the original orchardists and the trees he planted are still growing today! The Smith family have maintained this passion for their craft and continue the search for the perfect apple. The farm went organic in 1997 thanks to the innovation of current orchadist, Andrew Smith, who is constantly revolutionising the cider world and testing new ageing methods. His last invention: cider ageing in whisky oak barrels... At Fizztopia, we are big fans!

Technical Details

Off Dry | 9.8% Alc | 750ml | Region: Tasmania | Fruit: 100% Tasmanian Apples

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