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Tallboy and Moose | Poco Loco Oat Cream w/ Coconut | Limited Release

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4 Pack
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6.5% ABV Oat Cream IPA w/ Coconut - Built on the coconut and coconut water like taste found in Sabro and Cryo Cashmere hops, the team at Tallboy & Moose whacked those in and decided to turn things up a notch. Lactose brings creamy sweetness and they jacked up the coconut with...coconut! It's un poco coco loco senor mui bueno!

The Tallyboy and Moose BrewPub in Preston Victoria is the brainchild of Aussie brewer Dan Hall (Tallboy) and Canadian beer master Steve Germain (Moose). These boys make damn good beer. The TallBoy and Moose brewery regularly release quirky rare edition beers which sell out fast but their core range is consistently available and consistently exceptional! 

Technical Details 

375ml Can | 6.5% ABV | Made in Melbourne