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StrangeLove | Yuzu from Japan


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ご健康を祝して乾杯 - Cheers!

Grown in the cool climate of Japanese mountains, Yuzu is a very tasty citrus fruit of East Asian origins. It embodies the best of lemon, grapefruit and mandarin combined. Once pressed, it creates a beautiful, complex and subtle juice. We love the refreshing, citrusy sweetness.

Considered as the future of sodas, StrangeLove developed a range of clean, light-bodied, stimulating sodas with exotic fruit profiles. Their philosophy of ‘relentless creativity’ is well and truly alive in these avant-garde drinks. The unusual ingredients and striking combinations of flavours hopefully inspire people more about the potential of non-alcoholic beverage options and their place not only at the bar, but also at the table.

Technical Details

Fruit: Yuzu 柚子 | 300 ml | Origin: Victoria | 45 calories


Cocktail: ... | Food: ...

Low Calories, No Additives, No Artificial Flavours, No Preservatives, Made in Victoria.