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Sassy | Apple Cider | L'Inimitable 750ml


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Unique, Unparalelled, Unmatched. Sassy L’Inimitable is one-of-a-kind.

This medium-dry cidre /ceedrrra/ is made with 100% bittersweet and acidulous hand-picked apples, from 22 varieties, grown and harvested at the beautiful Château de Sassy in Normandy, France. A full-bodied cider with apple and leather aromas and a very subtle balance between acidity, bitterness and sweetness.

L’Inimitable is 100% natural, made uniquely from fruit extractions, without any added sugars, colourings, additives, concentrates or preservatives. The traditional Sassy Cider Recipe remains a secret to this day.

Fizztopian tip: Mix this cider with your favourite liquor and create the most amazing cocktails. Our favourite: Sassy Spritz! Ideal for summer lunches and picnics.  


Technical Details

Off Dry | 750 ml | 5,2% alc | Origin: Normandy | Production: Apple Fermentation

Food Pairing

Aperitif | White Meat | Cheese | Apple Dessert