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Laurent Perrier | Champagne | La Cuvée


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A champagne of great finesse and a beautiful freshness obtained after a long ageing process in the cellar. Laurent-Perrier’s style and personality are defined by its high proportion of Chardonnay. 

No. 5 top-selling champagne in the world, La Cuvee is all about elegance, freshness and purity, with high-quality fruit, low dosage and long ageing time in the cellar, increasing its complexity and creaminess. 

55% chardonnay in the blend offers the cuvee citrus notes and lemon zest with white florals filling our glass. Delightful toasty biscuity flavours are more prominent than ever in what is perhaps the best non-vintage wine ever produced by the house.

Over the last 100 years, the Maison has had a long line of influential women at its helm (Mathilde Emilie Perrier in 1812, Marie-Louise Lanson de Nonancourt in 1938, now run by two sisters, Alexandra and Stephanie), and we cannot help but think that this has influenced the style – graceful, elegant and sophisticated. Of the larger Maisons in champagne, this is more subtle and understated in its profile. 

Technical details

750ml | 12.5% alc | Over 50% Chardonnay, over 30% Pinot Noir and 10-20% Pinot Meunier to round it up | 20-30% reserve wines to ensure perfect consistency in style | Ageing: 4 years on lees | Dosage: 8-9g/L 

Food Pairing

Poultry and white meat. Parmesan.