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La Sirène | Saison


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If you are interested in an artisanal, high quality beer producer then look no further than esteemed brewer La Sirène. French for 'The Siren', this legendary brewery was established in 2010 and is grounded in the spirit of Farmhouse brewing using wild ferments, natural bacteria and oak barrel ageing in a nod to traditional French Country Style Brewing. 

The icon of the range is the Saison, which is brewed with the philosophy of reflecting a sense of time, place and season.  This Farmhouse Ale is open fermented to allow airborne indigenous wild yeast and bacteria to partake in the fermentation. After allowing the Saison to naturally ferment at its own pace, we then take it strictly to French oak barriques where it undergoes a secondary slower fermentation and saturation where the complex flavours and sourness aspects develop. 

The Saison has a volumous head with notes of apricot, guave and a rich, spicy mouth-full feeling but the beer finishes crisp and dry. When drunk at its youth the ale shows fresh hop aromas and when aged it displays yeast forward characters like hay and barnyard notes. 

Technical Details 

375 ML Bottle  | 6.5% ABV | Saison Wild Ale | Made in Melbourne