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Dr Loosen | Sekt | Extra Dry

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Fizzy Riesling? Say wut? This is what the masterful Ernie Loosen has done with a bubbly Rizza.

Extra Dry normally means a bit sweeter, however it's actually quite dry. We love the lemon-lime nose and super-easy-to-drink style.

This fizz is made using the transfer method (like a Prosecco) and we love it. Pair with Asian food. 

Sparkling wine has a long, rich tradition in Germany, where it has been called “Sekt” since the late 1800s. Germans are the biggest consumers of sparkling wine in the world, and most of the Sekt they produce is sold at home.

Technical details

This wine is 100% pure Riesling | Made using the transfer method, where the second fermentation and lees contact takes place in the bottle (à la Champagne) but where the wine is disgorged to tank under pressure, before rebottling with a relatively low dosage | This method produces a bright, clean and distinguished sparkling wine in a more affordable way.