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Coldstream Brewery | Pear Cider


6 Pack
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A beautiful mix of pears and apples from the Yarra Valley, with a clean, moreish finish. We like the clear expression of pear in this off-dry apple cider. A refreshing, easy-to-drink creamy cider. 

Coldstream Brewery was born from a lifetime friendship between two mates from Gippsland. Their logo, the Shivering Man, represents taking a plunge and baring it all to do something you love. That’s what Coldstream Brewery is all about, taking the time to do what you want to do. Coldstream produce handcrafted ciders with 100% Victorian apples and no concentrates. Apples are crushed, cool fermented and filtered, resulting in a clean, crisp and refreshing cider.


Technical Details

Off Dry | 330 ml | 5% alc | Origin: Yarra Valley | Fruit: Apple & Pear