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Boutique Champagne Trio


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If you're into Growers and not Showers, this box is for you!

The world of Champagne is vast and beautiful, but the prestigious Grandes Marques often steal the show to the boutique, grower producers. 

Grower-producer champagne is made by the estate that actually grows the grapes: Récoltant-Manipulant is the term in French which can be identified by 'RM' on the label. Whilst large champagne houses may use grapes from as many as 80 different vineyards, growers tend to have a terroir-focused approach, sourcing their grapes from a single vineyard or with traditional winemaking techniques. Their wines are precious and ground-breaking.

Chartogne-Taillet Sainte-Anne - Made by young Artisan, Alexandre Chartogne, this is his entry point cuvée with a 60 / 40 split of pinot noir and chardonnay and a low dosage of 4 grams per litre of sugar. It is fermented in a combination of stainless-steel tanks and concrete eggs, with natural yeasts and no filtration. The palate is bright with limey acids, chalky layers and a linear feel on the mouth with a savoury-almost-saline character. The finish is generous, flavoursome and highlights the terroir of the region. 

Dehours & Fils Brut Nature - This is the first time in Champagne history that indigenous yeast are used for both the first and second fermentation. Through this process, not only is Jerome able to express the terroir of his land in a truly unique way, he also brings a new and innovative dimension to the fermentation process. The way Jerome expresses the identity of his terroir is remarkable and makes him without a doubt a pioneer of change in Champagne.

Pierre Peters Blanc de Blancs - This champagne shines with clarity, precision and excellent lemon and pear freshness, flowing into generosity of crisp red apple fruit. The 2012 base is a tighter, drier and riper style of pear, apple and lemon, showing greater influence of the reserve in marzipan and biscuits, concluding with a touch more of the dry-extract effect of 2011 in the solera than it did on first release.

Technical Details

3 bottles | 750ml | Origin: Champagne region | Méthode traditionnelle