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Bollinger | Champagne | Special Cuvée


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One of the best non-vintage champagnes on the market, this is the Signature wine of Champagne Bollinger. A subtle combination of pear notes, with brioche and spicy aromas, and notes of fresh walnut. Special Cuvée is perfect shared among friends, for a simple and meaningful moment. It is the champagne we give to the people we love and who love nice things.

In 1911, Georges Bollinger’s British agent gave him the idea for the name Special Cuvée - “special” written the English way, without an accent. He thought the French expression “Brut sans année” was no match for such a subtle champagne… More than a hundred years later, the name of Bollinger’s key figure champagne still symbolizes both its expertise and its history.

Bollinger remain one of the most famous family-owned champagne houses of all. Bollinger are well known for their dominance of the powerful and expressive pinot noir from Aÿ where they were founded, their use of magnums for production of all their wines and a traditional wine making style incorporating fermentation in oak barrels from which they have never deviated. They still have their own in-house cooper who makes and manages their stock of some 3,500 barrels! That equates to about 1 million bottles being fermented in barrel - that is the largest (along with Krug) of any other producer in the region. Currently Bollinger own some 164 hectares in some of the best sites across Champagne.

Technical details

750ml | 12.5% alc | 60% Pinot Noir, 25% Chardonnay, 15% Meunier. Over 85% Grands and Premiers crus | 50-60% Reserve wines | Ageing: 3 years on lees | Dosage: 8-9g/L 

Food Pairing

Any fish, especially sushi and sashimi. Seafood: shrimp, prawn, crayfish, grilled lobster. Poultry and white meat. Parmesan.