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Adam's Evening | Gose Cider


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A crisp & fragrant cider with subtle notes of coriander. 

Only a single barrel of this 2018 apple cider was crafted by Adam's Evening. Matured for 12 months, it macerated with coriander seeds grown in the Yarra Valley, salt and Galaxy hops. and naturally sweetened by fresh 2019 apple juice. A delish for apéritif with nuts and hard cheese!

Adam’s Evening is a collective of four Yarra Valley folks (Oliver, Sally, Tom & Jaime) who started making cider back in 2016 for their own consumption, until they decided to share the good stuff. Their approach to cider making is simple, natural and authentic: no added yeast, no added sugar, no added water. Just apples, pears and quines naturally fermented in old barrels and bottled for our pleasure. The result is breath taking with complex, aromatic ciders that we Fizztopians recommend!

Technical Details

Off-Dry | 330 ml | 5% alc | Origin: Yarra Valley | Fruit: 85% apple, 15% pear