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Australia's home of premium fizz


Fizztopia has been designed as a utopian world of fizz. Whether you're into bubbles, beer or cider, you will find the best in class at Fizztopia.

Based in Australia, we support Australian-makers and ship Australia-wide. We also bring you discoveries from across the globe - so there is always something new to discover at Fizztopia.

We're about small business, craft growers, family producers and innovations in fizz. We buy fairly, store correctly and ship fast.

From single bottles to six packs and discovery boxes to gift packs, all good things in fizz are at Fizztopia. But we are far more than an online store. We share the stories of the craft behind the products we sell. We share your passion, and the passion of the makers, at tasting and pairing events. We're about the fun and craft behind the fizz.

Our team, headed by Kyla Kirkpatrick, take fizz extremely seriously. They have worked with experts to identify special, interesting, unique and fun products across beer, sparkling wine, cider, seltzer and non-alcoholic fizz. Then the team has done the oh-so-hard job of tasting fizz day in, day out, to ensure what we have on Fizztopia is worthy of your lips.

Fizzfans, you have found your home: Fizztopia.


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