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Ghost Rock 'Supernatural' | Pet-Nat | 2019


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What we think ... Aromatic nose filled with lychee, passion fruit and rose petals. Lively juicy and energetic palate that is super fresh and incredibly easy to drink. What a pop when you open the bottle. Expect plenty of pressure as this was bottle fermented under crown seal. This sums up summer in a bottle.

Nestled among the rolling patchwork fields of the beautiful coastline of Northern Tasmania, you'll find Ghost Rock among some of god's best country or more fondly known as the Cradle Coast Region.

All the range is 100% from the Estate, all grown, made and bottled onsite, with minimal intervention and maximum attention. There are three tiers to Ghost Rock - the Estate wines, the single vineyard series, and Supernatural which is a range about creativity and deliciousness and bound to one rule only; high quality, Estate-grown fruit at the core.

The range follows a lo-fi mantra of being wild-ferment driven and exclusively unfined/unfiltered, low SO2, small batches, one-off productions. the Supernatural is an offbeat blend including some popular cool-climate Sauvignon to up the aromatic profile and make this a light and refreshing fizz.



Technical details

A blend of 60% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot noir and 20% Sauvignon blanc | Made using the method ancestrale method (one ferment from start to finish) | Ferments were a 50/50 split between wild and inoculated | The juice was chilled, settled and racked prior to primary ferment | 12.5% abv | 12 g/L residual sugar | 750 ml


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