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Brady's Lookout | 2017 Tasmanian Premium Cuvée Cider


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One of the best New World Ciders today, this amazing cider is crafted in the Tamar Valley, in Tasmania, using méthode traditionnelle. The nose is full of apple blossom aroma and the colour is golden. With its millions of bubbles, this cider is fresh yet complex, mixing notes of rare Tasmanian apple varieties with hints of sweet rock melons. We love the earthy notes reminding us of the Tasmanian terroir. 

Named after Matthew Brady - The Prince of Bushrangers, Brady's Lookout Orchards craft premium, aged ciders located in the Tamar Valley. After years of watching her Dad making his ‘infamous cider’, Caroline decided to start her cider-making journey in 2012 with husband Chris. Experimenting with different production styles of cider, they fell in love with Méthode Traditionnelle (champagne method) and applied it to cider-making, using apples instead of grapes. Using very technical skills to combine levels of sugar, acidity and alcohol throughout a 2-year fermentation process, they successfully created a fine and elegant match between Tasmanian apples and French champagne production method. They even travelled to Europe to perfect their knowledge, returning to Tasmania to create the next generation of 'infamous ciders' which they are famous for today. At Fizztopia, we’re very admirative of them and love – LOVE, their award-winning range of ciders.

Technical Details

Off-Dry | 750 ml | 9.2% alc | Origin: Tasmania | Fruit: 98% Apple, 2% Pear

Food Pairing

Soft creamy cheese