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Aval | Apple Cider 330ml


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Translating from 'Apple' in Breton, the traditional language of Brittany, Aval is the expression of traditional French cider making - in a 330ml format. 

A perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness with a blend of four kinds of organic apples: acidic, bitter, bittersweet and sweet. Cracking open the bottle will reveal a deep amber cider with notes of baked apple and caramel. On the palate, clean and strong notes of green apple, a bit of funk and citrus notes, and a round tasty finish. 

With a desire to modernise the cider culture in France, four friends (Romain, Martin, Guillaume & Gauthier) took over the Aval orchards, which production method remains untouched and secret for centuries. Located at the heart of Bretagne (Brittany), a region that has 1000 years of experience in making ciders and is know by insiders as the best cider region in the world, Aval produces an authentic style of French cider. 

One big thing commercial ciders do is use mass-produced apple juice concentrate”, AVAL Co-Founder Romain Guille says. “It’s basically watered-down, random juice. We don’t do that." After hand-picking and cutting each apple — that comes from their own orchard, the cider maker ferment the concoction, resulting in a slightly dry yet refreshing beverage that has just 8g of natural sugar per bottle, compared to the 21g in bigger brands.

Technical Details

Off Dry | 330 ml | 6% alc | Origin: Brittany | Fruit: 100% Organic Apples | Gluten Free | Vegan | No Concentrates | No Added Sugar

Food Pairing

Beef | Hard Cheese | Vanilla Custard Dessert