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Ashbolt Farm | Elderflower Sparkling 750ml


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Crisp and refreshing like a Sauvignon Blanc.

Made from the fresh handpicked flowers of elder trees, this non-alcoholic sparkling is crafted in the hills of Derwent Valley in Tasmania. We love the notes of lychee and florals, and the beautiful, natural expression of elderflower. A perfect alternative to sparkling wine or even better, an amazing mixer with gin. Suited to kids' parties, office functions, weddings, and baby showers.

Situated in the unique microclimate of the Derwent Valley, Ashbolt Farm crafts award-winning sparklings & juices from the apples, olives and elderflowers grown in the farm. Run by superstars Anne and Robert, they have a sustainable approach to farm practices. Their commitment to preserving their terroir and nurturing their land is exemplary, using water from the Derwent River and organic compost for their crops. The result is unanimous: exceptional products, full of flavours and vibrant colours. We are addicted.


Technical details

Off-Dry | Origin: Tasmania | 750 ml | 0% abv | Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Fresh Lemons, Fresh Elderflowers, Cider Vinegar and Champagne Yeast | No artificial flavours, no added sugar, 100% natural.