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Napoleone & Co | Hard Cider | Louis


6 Pack
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Napoleone Co. has just released ‘Louis’; a barrel fermented cider honouring orchard worker Louis Cardinoux who, in 1905, lost an eye working on their property in Coldstream.

Cold crushed from a single pick of the 2020 harvest of Yarra Valley apples, steeped on skins for 24 hours, then run to seasoned puncheons to naturally ferment. More savoury than it’s bottled stablemates, with regular lees stirring lending mouthfeel and complexity. Louis delivers a thirst quenching, cool-climate fruit flavour, with the funk and texture that comes from 30 years of hard graft in the Yarra. A cider that Louis, originally from Normandy in France, would have approved of heartily. 

In line with the Napoleone house style, expect a cider that delivers pristine cool-climate fruit flavour, but with the funk and texture that comes from 30 years of Yarra Valley Chardonnay learnings. The Napoleone family grows, pressed and ferments the apples themselves, using a strain of white wine yeast native to the Rhone Valley. Their cider-making shares the same DNA with their wines: purity of fruit, intensity of flavour and Yarra Valley hand-farmed quality worth sharing.


Technical Details

Off Dry | 355 ml | 4.5% alc | Origin: Yarra Valley | Fruit: Red Apples | Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly, No Concentrates, No Added Sugar.