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Pagan Cider | Blueberry Cider


24 Pack
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Apple & Blueberry, a limited release.

Simply exquisite, this cider combines Tasmanian blueberries with dry apple cider perfectly. With notes of violet on the palate, this is a crisp, off-dry, Modern-style cider with a long tasty finish. Blueberry lovers, you've got your new fav. Made in very limited quantity. 

This small boutique Tasmanian cider producer is bubbling with fresh ideas. Going back to what matters most – the fruit, they use earth-friendly farming practices to produce delicious apples, cherries, and seasonal fruits from a single orchard. They proudly craft ‘whole-fruit’ ciders, with no added sugar or fruit flavours, simply the natural lushness of real Tasmanian fruit. At Fizztopia, we love the different characters on the labels - okay we're obsessed. 


Technical Details

Off-Dry | 330 ml | 8% alc | Origin: Tasmania | Fruit: Blueberry, Apple | Vegan

Food Pairing

Vanilla Custard Dessert | Nuts | Lavender