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Tissot | Crémant de Jura | Indigene


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If you’ve ever had a crémant before you will know how easy to drink, they are. This is a particularly rare and interesting style made with ‘Indigenous’ or natural yeasts found in this Jura vineyard.

Intense, dark blueberry/blackcurrant fruit plus some stone fruit like apricot and smoked cooking spices. Palate is juicy, round and full. It is vibrant and fresh, bursting with energy and lively blue fruit. The bubbles are fine and delicate and finish with some mineral dimension. Wow! What an incredible start to this tange and worth every penny.

The Tissot family produces a very large range of ‘small batch-single site’ wines. The winemaker Stéphane is infectiously passionate and enthusiastic, intense, intelligent and also charismatic. Tissot is a talented and individualistic producer.

All vineyards are strictly biodynamic and the yields are kept very low. Wild ferments, extended lees contact and reductive handling is the style here.


Technical details

A blend of 50% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir, 5% Poulsard & 5% Trousseau | Zero dosage | Zero dosage | Biodynamic | Organic | 750 ml | 12.5% abv

Stéphane choses these indigenous yeasts as they are different from champagne and add their own dimension of flavour and texture.

He also uses a ‘Vin de Paille’ which is a sweet wine made by drying grapes, which is also known as 'straw wine' or 'raisin wine' to kick off the secondary fermentation which is rare and a costly form of production.


Awards & Reviews

"Stéphane Tissot is one of the leaders of quality Jura wines, and in my opinion, the producer that has seen a fastest improvement in the last few years. He and his wife Bénédicte have a portfolio of wines that keeps growing. The long fermentation gives the wine a different creamy character - a texture rather than a flavour - and the wine has a lot more complexity and depth, a little more like the petillant naturel in taste. There is great acidity and good integration of the fizz." - Robert Parker