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Bad Shepherd | Peanut Butter Porter |


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Bad Shepherd Brewery has rapidly become a firm favourite amongst the craft brew crew. With a solid, 'never let you down' core range and a monthly specialty release these boys have their finger firmly on the pulse. 

This beer is as good as it sounds! Originally conceived by the Brewpub's Head Chef, this beer was inspired by ‘Buckeye Candy’. Oh my lord! Moreish peanut butter fudge balls partially dipped in rich chocolate. Go on, Google it. 

Brewed with chocolate malt, chocolate wheat and hazelnuts, the hero in this creamy, decadent and full-bodied porter is the peanut butter character. Awweee. More please. 

Technical Details 

355ML Can | 6.4 % ABV | Porter | Made in Melbourne |