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Cider Threesome


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Cider lovers, this box is your dream coming true.

2017, 2018, 2019... Three vintage ciders, all made with exquisite apples by superstar cidermakers. 

Brady's Lookout - Tamar Valley - One of the rare ciders crafted using méthode traditionnelle. The nose is full of apple blossom aroma and the colour is golden. With its millions of bubbles, this cider is fresh yet complex, mixing notes of rare Tasmanian apple varieties with hints of sweet rock melons. We love the earthy notes reminding us of the Tasmanian terroir. 

Adam's Evening 'Two Fruits' - Yarra Valley - Aged 12 months in bottle, this is a complex cider with a nice structure and depth on the palate due to longer ageing. There is a clean expression of the Yarra Valley fruits, perfectly balanced with the addition of juice from the last harvest. We love the natural sweetness. 

Daylesford Cider 'Barrel Aged' - Daylesford - This is a seriously good cider, fresh and funky with a moreish texture. Think fresh green apple aroma, sherbet aromatics and tight acidity. On the nose, beautiful summer strawberries and hay. On the palate, sweet apple notes, spiced apple caramel and a woody dry tannin from the oak barrel ageing. 

*Depending on stock availability, this can include AVAL Artisanal Cider, Daylesford Cider (Bulmer's Norman or Barrel Aged), SASSY or Pagan Cider

Technical Details

3 bottles of our choice or please request what you'd like and we will do our best.